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You will find that Holman Law Offices will meet all of your business law, criminal defense, real estate, and family law needs. We have been practicing in these areas for a number of years and have developed a vast knowledge to properly assist you. Our attorneys have the experience you need to achieve a positive result. We have practiced in all courts in Minnesota, from the Hennepin County District court all the way to the Minnesota Supreme Court. Our firm will keep you apprised of what is happening in your case and also in the laws affecting your cases. Read more about our practice areas below.

Business Organizations and Transactions-Legal issues and pitfalls abound at every stage of a business's existence, from the initial start-up to dissolution or sale of the company. It is important to have expert legal counsel assist you right from the beginning, when you are deciding on a business form (corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or another business entity), as well as further down the road.

At Holman Law Offices, an experienced business lawyer will help you deal with the almost endless variety of legal matters that will, sooner or later, arise when you do business. From buy-sell agreements, joint ventures, and liability issues to mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and business successions, you need intelligent advice that will promote your success. We can tell you not only what the law requires, but also how you can seize opportunities and avoid problems in your business.


If you have been cited for DUI/DWI, you should know that the law gives serious consequences upon conviction. And these punishments drunk driving are even more severe for repeat offenders. A DUI sentence may require you to pay a substantial fine, serve some time in jail, or both.

In addition to any fines or jail time, your driver's license may be suspended, even if it is your first offense. You will have to find alternate transportation and go through considerable effort to regain your driving privileges after a drunk driving conviction. To add insult to injury, many insurance companies will drop your motor vehicle coverage if you get a DUI. The companies that will insure you will only do so at a greatly increased premium. It is easy to see how important it is to protect your rights - and to do that, you need a lawyer who will work to stop these consequences from becoming reality. Contact our firm today.

Family Law-Family law matters can be emotionally draining, particularly when children are involved. Divorce, custody, and support all concern the most basic human relationships: husband and wife and parent and child. When a family law issue occurs, it is important to remember that these are legal relationships, as well as emotional bonds. You have rights and responsibilities in those relationships that will be protected or enforced by the court.

You must not let yourself be blinded by the emotions involved so that you neglect the many difficult legal issues that will arise in a family law case. If you are facing a divorce, child custody or visitation, support, or another family-related legal issue, you need expert legal assistance to protect your rights. Holman Law Offices can make sure that you are not taken advantage of during the proceedings.

Probate/Estate Planning and Administration-It may be hard to think about how your family would deal with your affairs and finances after you pass away, but it is essential to do so. Estate planning allows you to impact the future by directing how you would like your property and assets distributed upon your death. Clients may chose to do this by having us help with preparing a will or establishing one of many kinds of trusts.

Without proper planning, your estate could go to the government or to people who you did not choose. At Holman Law Offices we can assist you in making informed decisions about your estate and determine if you need a will. For existing estates, you and your family may have to go through the probate system, which allows the courts to oversee the distribution of a loved one's assets. The probate process is easier on all involved if the correct planning has been done in advance. Let us help you with that process.

Real Estate-Real estate is a major investment, and can cause major headaches. If you are selling a house or buying a house or a business property, we can help. Our firm can draft or review purchase agreements and closing documents to smooth your transaction. We can confirm that there is good title to the property and verify that there are no disputes about ownership or boundaries.

Our attorneys can make sure that any transaction complies with local and state property and environmental rules so that there are no unwelcome surprises as the deal moves forward. We also help clients with construction defects, commercial leases, and property disclosure and condition issues. Contact us for experienced real estate assistance.

Our firm can handle many types of legal issues, and we hope that you will give us the opportunity to help you. Contact us today.

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